What More UK Plans to Invests in New Factory Expansion in Altham

What More’s plans are to build a brand new 200,000 sq. ft. factory adjacent to its existing site in Altham as part of a £20m investment plan.

The proposed building, which is currently awaiting planning permission, will increase the What More’s overall floor space by around 40%. Three quarters of the new development will be given over to manufacturing capacity. This will also require a similar increase in staffing levels.

Miles Parkinson OBE, leader of Hyndburn Borough Council, commented:

“We welcome this development from What More UK. They’re one of the top employers in Hyndburn and we’re proud to have such a progressive company here on our doorstep. They’ve made a great contribution to the local economy and with this latest piece of news it looks set to grow in the future.”

What More UK Company Director Tony Grimshaw OBE, explained:

“At What More we never stay still. We’re always trying to keep one step ahead of the competition, and the way to do that is through continual investment in machines, estate, and people.”

The new building project is part of a £20m investment programme including 13 new injection moulding machines, 5 of which have already arrived at What More’s existing factory with a further 8 scheduled for delivering in the coming months.

Antony Higginbotham, MP for Burnley, commented:

“I welcome the news that What More UK is investing in a new factory in Pennine Lancashire, the traditional heartland of British Manufacturing. Companies like What More UK prove that manufacturing is alive and well in the UK, and continuing to offer quality employment in Burnley, Padiham and surrounding areas.”

Sara Britcliffe, MP for Hyndburn and Haslingden, added:

“What More UK isn’t just investing in Hyndburn, it’s investing in UK PLC. This is an exemplary organisation that exports British made products all around the world, each proudly displaying a Made in Britain logo.”




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Our new Manufacturing Director – Rob Walker

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Rob Walker to Manufacturing Director. Rob arrived at the company in 2014 as the Engineering Manager, bringing with him 17 years experience in the plastics industry.

Rob began his career in the plastics industry fresh out of school. He worked for a small moulding company where he spent 13 years learning everything there was to know about the production of plastic housewares. Now in his 37th year Rob has seen huge changes to the industry especially with breakthroughs in plastics manufacturing technology.

“As Engineering Manager I have been responsible for the huge change in infrastructure at What More UK, overseeing the upgrade in manufacturing equipment and processes. This included improved specification of new machines, moulds and associated equipment, which in turn has allowed What More to be more efficient to meet unprecedented demand in the plastics housewares sector”

As Manufacturing Director Rob will now oversee the impressive collection of new machinery that has massively increased production times, and look to the future with further investments to What More UK.

How to store your summer clothes during winter

As summer draws to an end and the autumn chill starts creeping in, it’s time to start thinking about bringing out your winter clothes and putting your summer clothes away in storage.

If you have limited storage space, how you store your unused clothes and accessories is important to make the most of the space you have. Storing seasonal clothes out of the way when they aren’t needed avoids overflowing wardrobes and drawers. To help make the change and to keep your belongings in the best condition, here are some of our top tips.

Sorting through your summer clothes

Begin by taking all of your summer clothes out of your wardrobe and go through them piece by piece. Decide there and then if there are any pieces that you no longer want/need, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does the item fit?
  • Does the item make you feel good when you wear it?
  • How many times have you worn it?
  • Are you likely to wear it next year?

Try to be strict with your choices, especially when your storage space is limited. Anything that you no longer need can be sold or sent to a charity shop.

Wash and prep your clothes

Once you know what you want to keep, you can start to organise them ready for storage. Consider categorising them into boxes, eg. one box for summer dresses, one for tops, one for beach items and so on. You can label the boxes to make it easier to find everything next year.

Before storing, make sure all items are clean, any dirt or sweat on the clothing can lead to unwanted stains. Also, ensure all items are completely dry before storing them away, the moisture will cause mildew and mold growth.

When you come to putting your clothes in their boxes, it’s a good idea to fold your clothes using Marie Kondo’s KonMari method, click here to learn how. This is a great method to make the most of the space and also reduces the amount of crease lines.

Choosing your box and where to store them

When it comes to storing your clothes, remember to keep them away from direct sunlight, in an area that doesn’t get too hot or too cold. Under the bed or in a cupboard are your best options. Try to avoid lofts, attics and garages, but if you are planning on storing clothes there, put them in an airtight bag before storing in your boxes.

We’d recommend our Wham Crystal storage range, chose from clear, tint pink or tint blue colour options. They’re clear so you can easily see the contents, and come in a variety of sizes. To make the most of your space, we’d suggest measuring the area you wish to use for storage and finding a box or boxes that fill as much of that space as possible. The Wham Crystal range also has boxes specifically suited to underbed storage.

Alternatively our Wham Box range also offers many sizes and comes in two stylish colour ways, a clear base with either a cool blue or steel coloured lid.

When it comes to storing away summer shoes, you can keep them safe and protected with the Wham Uni Store 8 boxes. They lock together either on top of each other or side by side to make the most of your available space.

Organising your winter wardrobe

Once the summer clothes are out of the way, you can give your wardrobe and drawers a clean whilst they’re empty before beginning to store your winter clothes. Again this is a good opportunity to sort through your everything and sell/donate any that you no longer want or need.

Next, separate your clothes into what needs to be hung in the wardrobe and what can be folded away in drawers. Some clothes are best suited to being folded rather than hung up, these include: knitwear, t-shirts and activewear, hanging these items can cause them to become misshapen. Jeans and scarves can be hung or folded, decide which is best for you based on the space you have. Dresses, shirts, coats and trousers are all best stored hung up in a wardrobe.

Organise your clothes in a system that works for you, some of the most popular ways to categorise your wardrobe are by colour, item or occasion.

For example:

Black, grey, blue, white…

Shirts, skirts, trousers, coats…

Workwear, casual, evening…

Or a mix of a few, for example:

Black – shirts, skirts, trousers, coats
Grey – shirts, skirts, trousers, coats…

Whatever system you chose make sure it works for you so that you can stick to it throughout the year. This will keep your wardrobe organised and neat whilst also making it easier to find everything you need.


Shop the Wham Crystal range here
Shop the Wham Box range here
Shop Uni Store 8 here


If you’ve used Wham products to store your summer or winter clothes, let us know by tagging us in your photos on social media.


Wham is heading to Costa Rica!

After settling a new export deal, Costa Rica is the latest addition to our growing list of export destinations, bringing the total up to 74 countries.

Less than 12 months ago we added Senegal to our list of export destinations. Now, despite the turmoil of a global health crisis, we’ve managed to bring another country into the fold: Costa Rica, Central America.

With a GPD of over $95 Billion, Costa Rica has one of the strongest economies in Latin America. On top of this, it was named the greenest country in the world in 2009. It aims to become totally carbon neutral by 2021.

Our products might be able to help Costa Rica achieve its environmental targets. They can help eliminate single use plastics and encourage recycling. Our ‘Upcycled’ range is made entirely from recycled single use plastics diverted from landfill.

With this new export deal, we’re reminded that the manufacturing sector is still vitally important to the country. Around 20% of the UK GDP comes from the manufacturing sector, in real terms that puts us in the top 10 of manufacturing countries in the world.

Our company director Tony Grimshaw OBE explained:

“People perceive made in Britain as made of top quality, and they’re right about that. As a country we have high standards. Export is a great way for companies to increase their customer base and in the current market conditions it could provide a lifeline for many organisations.”

Our export sales team are always looking out for new opportunities, we aim to continually increase the number of export destinations going forward.

Supporting our Nation

We are proud to announce that as a leading UK Manufacturer, as of Tuesday 14th April we commenced the production of Medical Face Visor individual parts in support of the Emergency Services who are in great demand for such crucial safety protection ware.

This venture was born in collaboration with one of our specialist tool makers: Canteen Smithy Engineering Limited, a UK Manufacturer also, who within a record timeframe of 4 days designed, engineered and produced the tool mould ready for final production.

The strength and expertise of UK Manufacturing at its finest and a response turnaround time that when the whole world is on lock down highlights the benefits of our own countries production capabilities.

We are working with a current capacity of 8,500 visors per day and working to exceed 60,000 per week. We have put all our resources and expertise within manufacturing to ensure the highest quality and product performance to guarantee safety first and foremost.

Our CEO Mr Andy Holt has pledged to support our nation in any which way he can. This is just one part of the continued support we at WhatMore are able to contribute to our nation’s needs & requirements to remain safe, strong and to get through this difficult time together, united.

We would like to highlight to all reading this if you require any production capacity or manufacturing support of key products to support the vital work, care and safety of our front line emergency services in all capacities then please do not hesitate to contact us on



Local school visit for a factory tour gaining valuable industry insights

Last week we opened our doors to the Year 5 pupils at Belthorn Academy Primary School. The main aim of the visit was to provide the children with an insight into potential future career paths, as well as show them that not all plastic is bad, and what we as a plastic manufacturer are doing to help tackle the current environmental issues with plastic.

Nathan Griffiths, year 5 teacher and STEM coordinator at Belthorn Primary, commented:

Our rural village school provides the kids with an incredible learning environment, but industrial visits like this are fantastic.  I’m incredibly passionate about STEM and teaching it; it should always inspire, and with visits like today, children get to see how the topics I teach in the classroom everyday, transpire in their future careers.

The visit started with a presentation and introduction to the company, followed by a tour of our Head Office show rooms where they could view our vast range of products. The next stop was our factory site at Altham Business Park where the children got to see first hand how the products are made and the scale of the whole manufacturing process. The visit finished with a lively Q&A session lead by our company directer Tony Grimshaw OBE.

Yvonne Brown, chair of the governors at Belthorn Primary, explained about the purpose of the visit:

We’ve come here to inspire the children, and to give them some idea of the pathways that are there for them in employment, and it’s been amazing. I’ve got What More products at home, I think everyone does, but I didn’t know they were made locally, and I didn’t realise they’re doing upcycling, and recycling. It’s really good for the children to see, and we want to increase the ties we’ve got with industry.

Over the last year we have diverted nearly 100 tonnes of plastic from landfill, repurposing it to make our Wham Upcycled and Wham Recycled ranges. The demand has been so strong that we’ve had to purchase scrap plastic from other manufacturers.

Here’s what Tony Grimshaw’s had to say:

These children are our customers and colleagues of tomorrow. We are keen to show them who we are and what we’re doing. The other reason for this visit is that plastic products are much maligned by journalists using the word ‘plastic’ on its own, when what they really mean is ‘single-use plastic’. We’re not trying to change the kids’ opinions about what’s good or bad. We just want to present the other side of the story so they can make an informed decision.

We hope the children feel more connected to local businesses, more aware of where products come from and how they are made. Hopefully this project will ignite further engagement with local schools and stimulate more interest in our apprenticeship scheme.


Click here to watch the video of the visit here



What More UK Awarded Two Housewares Innovation Awards 2020

This year’s Housewares Innovations Awards were held at the National Conference Centre on Monday 3rd February. It was a very successful evening for us, we managed to walk away with two of the three prestigious awards that we were nominated for.


The awards has served as a prime opportunity to celebrate the collective achievements of the housewares sector for over a decade – annually recognising and rewarding the innovative manufacturers and creative retailers that have helped the industry to thrive, not to mention the passionate individuals at the heart of these companies.



The first award won was The Service Award, which we also walked away with last year. We’re very proud that our exceptional service is being recognised year on year. Next up was Salesman of the Year, which was awarded to our very own Peter Ellis, a true gentleman who has worked in the industry for over 50 years. He is the sort of man who reminds us that sales is still a noble profession. He’s achieved a lot during his ongoing career and proved himself not only a fine salesman but also a man of integrity and a cyclist with an eye for the next mountain to climb.

Seven years ago, Peter Ellis was celebrating 33 years in the housewares industry and thinking about retiring with his pushbike to the French countryside. That plan was put on hold when Andy Holt, Managing Director of What More UK, approached Mr. Ellis with a different idea. He asked him to delay his well-earned retirement for a few more years. Looking back on it, that turned out to be a very good decision for both men.

A new sales territory was created especially for Mr Ellis and within a few years he doubled the sales value of that area to a seven-figure sum.

If you ask him how he’s done it, he’s very clear:


First and foremost, I can only do what I do with the support of What More. The way they operate is second to none. If I order something, it gets delivered. If I need something doing, it gets done. It’s the best company I’ve ever worked for and the back-office support is fantastic!


But that’s not the whole story, far from it. Being a great salesman is all about building trust and respect, and Mr Ellis has got to a point where his clients let him write out his own orders keeping the shelves stocked without the need for a constant back and forth.

Mr Ellis’s advice to anyone beginning a career in sales is “always be straight with people and leave every account in a situation where you can go back there. You make your living on repeat business.”

“Relationships grow over time” he explains, “If you take advantage you might make a bit extra in the short term, but they’ll never have you back.”

Looking back over his career, Mr Ellis has seen the industry develop. From the introduction of the internet bringing direct sales online, through to the necessity of recycling and reusing plastics, but one constant has been Spring Fair, held at the NEC in Birmingham. This year he attended his 40th show; that fact on its own speaks volumes.

Peter Ellis is so much more than a great salesman, he’s an elder statesman of industry, and if anyone deserves an award it’s him.


We’re very proud of the entire Wham team.


The Only UK Company Shortlisted for Plastics Recycling Awards Europe

Image result for plastic recycling europe awards

We’re very proud to be shortlisted for the prestigious Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2020 for our Wham Bam Upcycled range of plastic storage boxes made from 100% recycled single use plastics. These awards set out to acknowledge and celebrate achievement throughout the European plastics recycling industry. They identify and provide insight into the latest developments in the usage of recycled material, product design and innovative manufacturing.



Wham Upcycled is a complete range of super strong storage boxes with the more recent addition of housewares and garden planters. These products, despite costing slightly more to produce, retail at a comparable price to our existing range and are equally durable and versatile. This goes against the misconception that recycled products are not as strong as their non-recycled counterparts.

The award winners will be announced on 26th March, during the second day of the Plastics Recycling Show Europe taking place at the RAI Amsterdam. Recycling plastics in Europe is a rapidly growing sector representing €3 billion in turnover, with 6.6 million tonnes of recycling capacity and directly employing around 18,000 people.


Our company director Tony Grimshaw OBE says:

We are really pleased to be nominated for this award because it means we’re on the right path. What More UK is a forward thinking, progressive company, and this nomination is evidence of that.


The Wham Upcycled range is just one of several product ranges made from recycled raw materials. We also produce storage from surplus post-industrial materials – Wham Recycled and a range made from recycled banknotes – Banknote Box. We have a zero to landfill policy and engage in beach litter picking activities. Going forward to aim to continue to produce more products from recycled material in an attempt to help battle the environmental crisis.


Click here to see how our Upcycled products are made


Newly Launched: Meister Proper Range of Cleaning Products in Germany and France

We’re pleased to announce that we have secured new contracts in Europe. By investing in new buildings, new infrastructure and new machines we can continue delivering high quality, affordable products whilst keeping up with the ever-growing demand.

Andy Riley, Director at What More UK, commented:

“The last 18 months at What More UK have been a whirlwind – we launched our new Proctor and Gamble Flash Range of cleaning products in the UK January 2018 and the sales for these sky-rocketed, without ever coming down. It’s fantastic and we are incredibly thankful for the support from all our customers.

The new machines have been well-received by the team. The state-of-the-art equipment is perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of our customers and the growth we are expecting over the next few years.”

Last October saw the launch of the Flash range in Austria and Germany. Proctor and Gamble call their Flash products ‘Meister Proper’ in these two countries. We will be launching the same products in France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, under ‘Mr Propre’. We are not deterred by Brexit and will continue to target growth.

Mr Riley added:

“We will be continuously expanding throughout the EU and the rest of the world. An incredible amount of time and skill goes into the creation of our products. We do not want the increasing demand of What More UK products to result in lower quality, so the investment of machinery and infrastructure has enabled us to continue producing the required volumes and expected growth without sacrificing any of our high levels of service with extra demands.”

Browse the Meister Proper range here



New machinery allows us to produce more goods with less waste

A £750,000 investment in two new state of the art fully automatic bakeware machines will not only speed up production of our products but will do so in a more environmentally friendly manner.

The new machines, which in the simplest possible terms are mechanical presses, will double their current capacity enabling us to produce 8,000 baking trays in a ten hour shift, over 13 a minute! The new machines will help us keep up with the ever increasing demand for our award winning products. Last year we finished on double digit growth and we aim to improve on that high achievement in 2020.

Tony Grimshaw OBE is one of our directors, he commented:

“As a leading manufacturer of housewares, cookware, and bakeware, it’s important for us to lead the way in creating these products in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We want to do our bit, and also to encourage other companies to follow suit. We are very pleased that British made products are fast becoming the starting point for UK retailers. What More UK are more than ready to accept their orders along with those from our many overseas customers.”

Garry Ireland, our Operations Director said:

“We have the Rolls Royce of equipment here; it’s important we can deliver the best possible products in the shortest amount of time. The new additions are fantastic. They have a much lower carbon footprint and a quicker running time than the previous machines. That means more productivity, more efficiency, and less waste.”

Investing in Apprentices

Here at What More UK, we are investing in the future of employees and young adults in education through funding apprenticeship and NVQ courses at our Altham-based warehouse site.

Working in conjunction with Themis, the employees in education can receive real working experience on the factory floor, which has seen recent investment of over £1 million in the tool room.

A number of our existing employees, including James Howell and Alex Graham, have recently completed their NVQ Level 2 Apprenticeship in Performance Engineering Operations. Two young adult learners, William Moat and Izaak Holden are close to completing their respective courses.

William, who is finishing off his NVQ Extended Diploma for Engineering with a focus on tool maintenance, commented:

What More UK have provided a fantastic learning opportunity for me, and many others. It’s very telling of a company when they invest in the progression of their employees and I feel very proud to now be nearing the end of my chosen course with them. We all received a £50 voucher for Sutcliffe Tools on completion of our courses, little things like this really make you feel appreciated. I would definitely recommend working at Wham to any young person in education who wants to make an earning while learning!


Izaak, Apprentice in Manufacturing, added:

When I first started at Wham I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! I have shadowed people along the way and picked up the trade. They’ve let me do a lot of independent work as well, once they knew I could do it myself, which has improved my skills a lot. I really hope to be staying on here when my apprenticeship comes to an end; the company have helped me grow and learn a lot.

We are continuing to invest in the future of our employees and have recently welcomed Matthew Ingham, who is carrying on a family career. Matthew’s father is one of our key engineers with 20 years’ service.


To enquire about completing an apprenticeship with us please call 01282 687030



Ben and family complete National Three Peak Challenge

We are very proud to announce that Ben Wadeson (National Account Manager), Father, retired Fireman Ken, aged 71 and brother Danny who flew in from Washington successfully completed the Three Peaks Challenge. We knew they’d do it, his sibling rivalry worked!

Despite a heat wave hitting the UK on Friday, Ben and family set off to ascend Ben Nevis at 7pm Friday evening at a balmy 30 degrees.  Completing the first Peak closer to 11.00pm than they would have liked. Taking a moment to photos of the stunning views along the way, and after a long descent they set off in the car to make the 6 hour car journey to Scafell Pike in Seascale. Seeing sunrise as they arrived, Scarfell Pike was a slightly cooler but a lot steeper ascent! Scarfell is probably the toughest terrain wise out of the 3.

Taking to the car once more for a 4.5 hour journey to the stunning mountain that is Snowden. A cloudier atmosphere meant the views were completely obscured for their final peak. A slightly more forgiving yet lengthy climb and head torches where required on the way down.

Ben said: “I now have a new found respect for people who climb these peaks either individually or collectively. The real positive was to raise money for a local worthy charity and spend some quality time my Dad and brother.”

Please help Ben get to his fundraising goal for Derian House Children’s Hospice donate here:

Ben’s National 3 Peaks Challenge

Our very own National Account Manager Ben Wadeson is taking to the lofty heights of the Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for Derian House Children’s Hospice.

Ben will be undertaking the challenge along side his brother Danny and father Ken. Ben said: “My brother has roped me into this and rather than training, I’m relying on sibling rivalry to get me through. If I had to bet, I think my dad will beat us both – and he’s 71!

They will be putting on their trusty walking boots to take on the challenge next Friday – June 28.

The Three Peaks include climbing the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales.

The total walking distance is 23 miles (37km) and the total ascent is 3064 metres (10,052ft) – twice the ascent of the Yorkshire Three Peaks, over a similar total walking distance. The total driving distance is 462 miles.

You can help Ben and his family raise money for Derian House by donating directly to his fundraising page –

What More UK Director Presented with Freedom of the City of London

Our Director, Tony Grimshaw OBE recently accepted the Freedom of the City of London. Tony was extremely proud as a Lancastrian to attend the ceremony of declaration at Guildhall, London.

He was escorted by the Beadle (wearing a top hat and frock coat) and the ceremony was performed by the Deputy Clerk on behalf of the Chamberlain.

It is one of the oldest surviving traditional ceremonies still in existence today and is believed to have been first presented in 1237.

Tony was joined be his wife Helen, three daughters; Susan, Alison and Sarah, and London based granddaughter Beth.

Wham® Upcycled boxes used at Stanley Family Fun Day

Stanley Family Fun Day a roaring success

Friends, families, and fans flocked to the Wham Stadium on Saturday 23 February for the Accrington Stanley Football Club’s Family Fun Day in the Studio-sponsored Eric Whalley Stand.

The Reds’ family day, the first of several planned events throughout 2019, was a great success following the introduction of a special family ticket offer in the Studio-sponsored Eric Whalley Stand.

Two children were able to attend Saturday’s fixture against Southend United for free when accompanying a full-paying adult.

Local businesses rallied together to provide a budget friendly day of family fun with every child who attended receiving free hotdogs from the football club and free milk from the Modern Milkman, as well as a reusable bottle provided by Studio Retail Ltd and a Property Shop banger stick to cheer on the Reds.

Andy Holt, Chairman and Majority Shareholder at Accrington Stanley, said:

“The Family Fun Day could only go ahead thanks to the continuing support from local businesses – they always come through, giving up time and resources where they can to encourage the community to get behind the team, to engage in activity and to get out and have fun! Massive thank you to all involved; we are very grateful and had a fantastic day.”

Sharon Benson, HR Director at Studio Retail Ltd, commented:

“It was a pleasure to be involved, as always. Getting behind community events and family initiatives is incredibly important to our company. The sun was shining – families were out in full force! It was a fantastic day of celebration and we are happy we were a part of it.”

Steven Chippendale, Managing Director at Property Shop, said:

“We like creating noise and as soon as we were presented with the opportunity to get involved with the fun day, we knew this is what we had to do. We gave out over 1000 banger sticks to Stanley to help families and fans make some noise. They definitely did just that!”

Keen to encourage sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives where possible, local company and sponsors of the Accrington Stanley ground Wham® – the UK’s largest plastic manufacturer – donated three 92litre Upcycled boxes for the free milk cups to be collected in, for them to then be taken to be recycled.

Andy Holt added:

“You wouldn’t have known it was a Saturday in February, the sun was definitely on our side! Many of the children who attended the event were wearing their free Stanley shirt they received as part of our initiative last year, a lot were attending for the first time. This was wonderful to see and exactly what we were hoping, to engage with the local people who make Accrington great.

“We are always eager to encourage environmentally friendly initiatives where possible too, the milk cups were recyclable and collected in our Wham® UPCYCLED boxes which are made just up the road at our factory in Altham too! Everywhere you looked there was community spirit and pride. I’m looking forward to many more family fun days and seeing new faces alongside our brilliant regular fans!”


Written by Hannah Saxton


For more information about Accrington Stanley Football Club visit

For more information about Studio Retail Ltd visit

For more information about Property Shop visit

For more information about Wham® visit

What More UK Awarded at the Innovation Housewares Awards 2019

The Housewares Innovation Awards are a well-establised scheme designed for businesses in the housewares sector – What More UK are celebrating coming home with two prestigious awards.

On Monday the 4th February, not only was the exceptional service of the company recognised, Tony Grimshaw was also crowned Kitchen Hero in the Awards ceremony.

Tony Grimshaw, O.B.E, Director at What More UK said:

“The service that What More UK provide is legendary on a global scale. This is across all our departments and I am incredibly proud of the recognition we have received by our peers. It was an honour to receive the Best Supplier Service Award, I want to congratulate every individual within What More UK for being part of this success, without a team there are no goals scored.”

Categories at the awards reflect the vibrant nature of the industry. The Housewares Innovation Awards give outstanding retailers and exceptional individuals a platform to shine, with the best in the industry in attendance on the night.

Tony continued:

“I am still in shock from receiving my lifetime achievement award. It’s wonderful to be recognised for the work and passion I put into What More UK, however I have to say my role is not possible without every other individual within our team. I am really grateful for the award, for the exceptional support from my colleagues over the years and the continued great relationships we have within the industry, both nationally and globally.”

The Kitchen Hero, sponsored by Home Hardware, was the last award to be announced.

Housewares Innovation awards commented:

“This award is presented to one individual a year that has demonstrated an incredible passion for the housewares sector over the course of their career. This year’s recipient was none other than What More UK Ltd’s director Tony Grimshaw OBE – who was commended for his ‘northern sense of humour and no nonsense approach’.”

Wham® showcase brand new products at renowned trade shows

We celebrated a busy month with two renowned trade shows under our belt.

The Spring Fair at the NEC took place 3rd – 6th February, we then travelled to the Ambiente Trade Show in Frankfurt for 8 – 12th February.

Boasting credentials such as being the UK’s largest plastic manufacturing company and being proud owners of multiple national awards including The Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade, it has set us in good stead to showcase our fantastic products both nationally and internationally.

Tony Grimshaw OBE, Director, commented:

“Both the Spring Fair at the NEC and Ambiente Trade Show in Frankfurt have been a huge success for What More UK. The trade shows we attend are a huge part of networking, launching our new products and sharing the Wham® name.

Its really important to communicate with buyers and showcase what we have to offer. Our product range is continuously expanding to match the supply for demand. 2018 was our busiest year to date with record-breaking sales that we are really proud of.

International trade shows, in particular, give us the opportunity to shout about the manufacturing of British products under the Made in Britain Campaign and show the high quality of What More UK products.”

This won’t be the first time Wham® have attended the two trade shows, receiving outstanding reactions to their stands hosted in previous years. Last year saw the introduction of the FLASH range which is already rapidly expanding for 2019 – going from two products to seven. Some of the new items, such as the dustpan, brushes and brooms are now in many stores (independent and chain), in the UK and Ireland.

Tony continued:

“It’s very special as an independent company to have our products flying off supermarket shelves. We put a lot of time and skill into producing quality products as well as raising awareness for British products and environmentally friendly processes. With the pending Brexit and the concern about global warming, awareness of both is hugely important to us.

Wham® had a fantastic time at both shows and I am looking forward to seeing what opportunities arise from them. Both shows, as always, have been superbly organised and a pleasure to be part of.”


Let us help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

New year’s resolutions can fill us full of dread and force us to retreat to a dark corner safe from the “new year, new me” diet or the I’m going to give up my chocolate fad (how could anyone give up chocolate!). Instead, make goals that are small and therefore achievable, fulfilling and a lot easier to maintain.


Here are a few achievable ideas for 2019 that Wham® can help you accomplish:


1. Organise Your Home

January is a great time to give your house a full blitz. Housework can often get pushed out of mind over the holidays but with Christmas causing chaos and clutter it can be the best time to re-evaluate how you organise your home.

Finding ways to efficiently store new things gives the opportunity to clear out anything you no longer use/want. We’ve got all the storage options you’ll need to store away those piles of toys, gifts, decorations and even your big Christmas tree.

Crystal Christmas storage

  • Wham Crystal is perfect for storing decorations, unused wrapping paper and your Christmas tree. These transparent boxes will come in handy next year when you need to see what is in each box.
  • Wham Bam is great for heavier or bulkier storage for the garage or loft, it’s strong and durable, which will keep everything inside safe.
  • Wham Organisers are perfect for storing smaller items that can then fit into cupboards or drawerswithout getting muddled up. We even have one designed to store Christmas baubles.
  • Studio baskets are a great choice for storage that’ll be on display, they have a modern and sleek design – practical and stylish.

Once everything has been organised and the chaos of Christmas has been cleared, get yourself some new cleaning products that make doing the big clean much easier – browse our cleaning ranges including our range of Flash mops.

We have no doubt that you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment once you’ve finished. A clearer, tidier home always makes your mind feel decluttered, ready to tackle the new year.


2. Increase Your Chances of Achieving a Weight Loss/Fitness Goal

Instead of the dreaded ‘lose weight’ resolution, which can be a daunting and depressing task, try to be more specific to make it more achievable and manageable. For example, ‘do a 30 minute work out twice a week’, or find a way to make it more enjoyable by finding a sport/activity that appeals to you that will encourage weight loss and increase fitness – a yoga class, frequent walks or dancing. Activities that are good for the body are also good for the mind, improving your general wellbeing.

Another satisfying alternative to the ‘lose weight’ resolution is meal prepping. Meal prep can be a fun way to experiment with food, control what you are eating and introduce more nutrition into your diet, plus, if done correctly, could lead to achieving a weight loss goal.

To get started all you need to do is invest in some quality food storage, research recipes that are tasty as well as easy to prep and dedicate time in your routine to prep your meals for the week. We offer a range of food storage boxesFood Locker, Seal It and Cuisine, all of which are safe to use in the refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and microwave, making them perfect for your lunches at work or at home. Also, they’re clear so you can easily see the contents of each container when stored in the fridge. You can find a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any meal.

For more ideas look out for our series of Meal Prep blogs coming VERY soon.

Wham Seal It Meal Prep


3. Drink More (FUN) Water

‘Drink more water’ is a common resolution with tonnes of health benefits including better skin, clearer minds and weight loss. For those who love fruit drinks this goal can be problematic, however there is a way of making it more interesting.

Finding a new water bottle in your favourite colour or with a quirky function can make your daily hydration more fun (see our full range here). For something different our Wham® Infuser bottles make water more enjoyable by infusing it with your favourite fruit. Choose and cut up colourful fruits that will lift your day, place it in the infuser stick and let it infuse away whilst you start your day. It will create flavoured water with all the added goodness without the calories. Mix up the flavours day to day to help keep it varied and interesting.

Take your drinks bottle for a picnic, day at the beach, walk, gym or office. Click here to get inspiration for exciting flavours and happy hydrating.

As an extra boost choosing a re-usable water bottle will help the environment. We’ve all seen the damage single-use plastic bottles are doing to our oceans. Using reusable bottles can replace hundreds of bottles you would use yearly, so whilst you’re helping your wellbeing you can feel happy in the thought you are helping the environment too.


4. Start a New Hobby

If you find yourself spending your spare time in front of the TV or on the internet and want to do something more fulfilling with your time, consider taking up a new hobby. There are many health benefits to having a hobby, it is said to reduce stress, produce a good kind of stress called eustress, help you sleep and improve your wellbeing. “Spending time doing an enjoyable activity that is not attached to work will help increase your happiness and satisfaction with life.” (

A hobby can be anything from gardening, crafts, baking, reading, sport etc. Some of which we can help you get started:

Wham Vista Gardening


Gardening “exposes you to vitamin D and healthy microbes in the soil” and is said to boost your mood ( If you fancy giving it a go, browse our extensive ranges of garden planters and accessories, available in many shapes and sizes to suit your garden space.

View our garden ranges

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Art and craft activities such as painting, drawing, sewing and knitting etc, are known to reduce stress. “A study in the American Journal of Public Health titled The Connection Between Art, Healing and Public Health found that those who engaged in art experienced “reductions in stress and anxiety” and “increases in positive emotions.” (

Our organiser boxes are great for storing all craft supplies in a neat and ordered way, meaning more time is spent creating and less is spent tidying up or trying to find things you have misplaced.

Buy our Organiser Boxes



“Cooking helps mental health in that it can be a creative outlet. It’s a way to channel energy, can be used as a distraction, help build mastery in a skill, and a way to express emotions through a different medium” (

If you enjoy baking or cooking, we offer many ranges of bakeware, kitchen gadgets and utensils that can help you on your way.

Buy Baker & Salt Non-Stick range

Buy PushPan® leak proof cake tins

Buy our Kitchen Gadgets & Utensils


5. Reduce Plastic Waste


The responsibility we share to look after our planet has never been felt more. With the awareness brought by BBC’s The Blue Planet, we can all help to tackle the issue of single use plastic filling our oceans, and also makes for a New Year’s resolution that makes a difference to your wider self. To do so you can shop more wisely, chose food that doesn’t come with unnecessary amounts of packaging, recycle as much as you can, reduce or stop using single use plastic altogether, such as plastic bottles, bags, straws, q-tips etc. This doesn’t mean cutting out plastic altogether, reusable plastics are practical and will last far longer.

Our Wham® Recycled and Wham® Upcycled ranges are made from recycled single use and post-industrial plastic. Purchasing recycled plastic products such as these will prevent more plastic from entering our landfills and oceans. Made with quality in mind they are intended to be reused and therefore will last a long time. Once worn out they can then be recycled.

Buy our Upcycled products

Buy our Recycled products

Upcycled Process


Happy New Year and remember to fill your resolution list with achievable, feel-good goals to make you feel great and motivated to make 2019 the best year yet!


Lancashire Business View Export Summit. The Hot Topic – Brexit

This October we hosted the Lancashire Business View Export Summit, a part of the Insight Series. The meeting was attended by many businesses throughout Lancashire who are exporters to discuss the challenges and uncertainty of Brexit with export advisors.

The experts
Miranda Barker, Chief Executive – East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce
Stephen Greenwood, Partner – Farleys Solicitors
Steve Hall, Founder and Managing Director – Mint Business Travel
Anthony Steiner, Partner – Audit, tax and consulting firm RSM

Attended by our International Sales Manager Michael Blakey

As a British manufacturer it was a great pleasure to host the LBV Export Summit, especially at a time when exporting products is so important to the UK. We all found commonalities in the discussions and concerns raised regarding Brexit and it was especially helpful to receive different points of view on how best to tackle export in a post-Brexit market.

What More UK prides it’s self on producing quality products and we aim to increase our export total to 80 countries in 2019. Our customers buy into the quality of our products, but the challenge is continuing with that quality whilst retaining prices. The importance of featuring the Made in Britain icon has become increasingly important to us and our customers, especially those outside Europe who demand it to reflect the countries reputation for reliable service and quality products.”

Lancashire Business View Export Summit

Points of discussion

  1. The challenges we are face buying with materials from Europe, the risk of customers looking elsewhere and Chinese manufacturers copying equipment and products.
  2. The importance of flying the ‘Made in Britain’ flag and what it means to export customers.
    • Reputation for quality
    • Dependable manufacturing and customer services that don’t let customers down.
    • Especially recognised in USA, Australia, South Africa, UEA and the Middle East.
  3. How we adapt and evolve to benefit from new circumstances.
  4. Encouraging British companies who currently aren’t exporting.
  5. Putting plans in place to prepare for payments, exchange rate migration and cash flow.


  • Take advise from the DIT and the Chamber of Commerce who’s advice is funded by the government and is easy to access.
  • Regularly look at your terms and conditions.

To read the full article get a copy of Lancashire Business Review today, packed full of advice on the hot topic that is Brexit. Nov issue: BUY


Click here to watch the video Video of Lancashire Business View export Summit hosted by What More UK, Burnley Lancashire, discussing the effects of Brexit on British manufacturers.

Reduce Food Waste with Wham Seal It

Food waste is damaging not only your wallet, but the environment. Energy, water and fuel is used in food production and is therefore wasted when the food isn’t consumed. Food that gets thrown away tends to end up in landfill, where it breaks down and produces methane, a greenhouse gas which is believed to affect the Earth’s climate. As a nation we throw away astonishing amounts of food.

According to new figures from food waste charity Wrap, households in Britain throw away £15 billion of food every year., 2018

You’ll be glad to know that reducing your food waste can be incredibly easy. Here are five simple steps to waste less food and make your household more economical. Making these minor changes will not only help the environment but will also save you money.

     1. Plan your meals

Planning your meals and knowing the exact amount of food you need each week will prevent you from buying too much from the supermarket. Also consider finding a shop that sells loose fruit and veg, to avoid buying unnecessarily big packs. It’s also worth educating yourself on portion sizes, do you or a family member tend to leave some food on their plate? If so, consider reducing the amount of ingredients to prevent this, or make slightly more and use the leftovers as a meal for the following day.

      2. Store your food correctly

The way in which you store your food will impact how long it lasts. Storing food incorrectly could make it go off much sooner than necessary, causing preventable waste.

Fridge Storage

Your fridge has sections that are suited to specific food groups, using these properly will ensure your food remains safe to eat for as long as possible.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • The temperature should be at or below 4°C
  • The top shelf is the warmest and should be used for ready to eat foods such as yoghurt and cheese, or drinks
  • The shelf below is best for cooked meats and leftovers
  • The bottom shelves are the coldest and are ideal for raw meat
  • The bottom drawers are for fruit and veg
  • Door storage is the most varied in temperature and therefore is best for juice, condiments and sauces
  • Airtight storage boxes should be used to store produce such as meat and leftovers. This is the most hygienic option and will stop food spoiling sooner than it should. Always try to fill the box as much as possible – the less air, the longer the food with keep, so its a good idea to have several sizes to hand.

We like to use our Wham Seal It food boxes as they’re airtight with an easy open lid. They are also freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe, and with them being clear you can easily see the contents. Bear in mind square and rectangular boxes will make better use of the space in your fridge. The Seal It range has many size options that are stackable, so you’d be able to find the perfect sizes for your fridge.

     3. Make use of your freezer

Use your weekends, or whenever you have some free time, to prep a batch of meals for the week. These can then be frozen and defrosted when needed. Our Seal It food boxes can be used in the freezer as well as the fridge; the seal will help prevent freezer burn. However, let the food cool before putting it in the freezer to avoid temperature changes.

This process may seem daunting or undesirable at first, but as soon as you experience the smugness that comes with being super organised, it will soon become part of your routine. The satisfaction of knowing that your meals are prepped before the week even begins will save you both time and stress during the week. Have a look on social media, particularly Instagram and Pinterest, to join the trend and follow the Meal Prep Gurus for all the inspiration you’ll need:

mealpreponfleek . lady.lolas . lifeofavegetarian . workweeklunch . mealprepmondays

     4. Get creative with your leftovers

Get creative and try to make a meal out of any food left in your fridge. If you have some leftovers or food close to its use by date and are unsure how to use it before it goes off, consider making something simple yet tasty such as omelettes, frittatas, soup or sandwiches. If you’re struggling, the internet is full of inspiration!

     5. Adopt a labelling or storage system

If you want to take organisation one step further you could label your boxes with their use by date, or colour coordinate using coloured lids as a system to know what will go off first or what type of food is inside (for example red lids for raw meat), the Seal It range has three coloured lids – red, cream and black. Or simply store your food in order – put food that will go off first to the front and new supplies or food with a longer life at the back, so that nothing gets forgotten about.


Browse the full range of Wham Seal It here

Buy the range here or here