What More to upcycle and tackle the plastic waste crisis head on

We have all been aware that plastic waste has become an overwhelming pollutant of our land and oceans. Programmes such as BBC Blue Planet II brought profound awareness to this global problem. As a plastic manufacturer you would be right to ask what part in this story do we play?

Issue 1:  Our oceans are filling with plastic

“You’re a plastic manufacturer, how can you care about ocean plastic?”

You may ask, to what extent does a plastic manufacture care about the environment, when companies like What More UK are adding to the problem? It’s true that we make plastic products, what’s misunderstood is what type of products we make and what plastic we use.  The vast majority of the ocean waste is made up of single use plastic; like plastic bottles, bags, straws and fishing tackle. What More UK do not make single use products, we produce RE-USEABLE plastic products for the home and businesses, one of which is a range of recycling bins. Our products are built with quality in mind to last far longer than your average plastic bag for life or plastic water bottle.

Rather than adding to the problem, What More wants to help create a solution. As the oceans fill with plastic What More is pledging to help create ways of reusing your household plastic waste, especially the type found in our oceans.

Watch how we’re taking single-use plastic and making products out of it: 


Issue 2:  How do we process and re-use our plastic waste

Not only is there a pollution problem, but we also have challenges of how to process the plastic we are already putting in our recycling bins. Last year China announced that it no longer wanted to be the “world’s garbage dump” and banned the import of our recycled waste. If you weren’t already aware, two thirds of our recycled waste were shipped off to as far as Hong Kong to be processed. The sudden ban has left Western countries at a loss as to how to deal with the build-up of plastic and paper waste.


Part of the solution

As a plastic manufacturer we have pledged to help the current plastic crisis by making durable, re-usable plastic products from industrial and household single use plastic waste.

Our stance on recycled plastic

Currently…  As a manufacturer of reusable plastic products, we already recycle our own plastic waste by re-grinding and remoulding it into our black products, one in particular is our Eden dustbins. Our products are also made from recyclable polypropylene which is widely recycled. Therefore, if our product is damaged from normal wear and tear you can easily recycle it.

Looking to the future…  In the past year we have been working towards making products from recycled plastic. For our annual exhibition, Spring Fair we launched two ranges that tackle the current plastic waste crisis head on.

Launching Product Ranges

Wham® Upcycled

All products labelled as UPCYCLED are made from reground recycled SINGLE USE household plastic. We are currently developing new product ranges that will be made from this recycled material. This in turn will prevent more plastic going into our oceans. We hope to use this new material increasingly in our vast product ranges.


Wham® Recycle

This range will predominantly be black, made from industrial waste plastic like car bumpers and crates. The material has currently gone into our Wham® Bam range. Although recycled plastic isn’t as strong as first grade polypropylene, it still holds on to Wham® Bam’s strong properties making it a robust recycled storage range. A range perfect for tradespeople, garages and warehouse storage.


How it works…


What More UK joins the exemplary list of Housewares Innovation Awards winners

What More UK took home a highly coveted Housewares Innovation Award at this year’s ceremony, clinching the top spot in the Bakeware Innovation category with the Baker & Salt vitreous enamel collection.

Last night the very best from across the housewares sector gathered to celebrate the successes of the past twelve months at the Housewares Innovation Awards, held at Birmingham’s National Motorcycle Museum.

Organised by Housewares Magazine and its digital partner, in partnership with Spring Fair, the Awards recognise and reward the outstanding products, retailers and suppliers that make the sector so great.

On arrival guests were treated to an exclusive drinks reception, providing an opportunity to catch up with old industry friends, colleagues and potential clients ahead of the awards ceremony.

The evening was hosted by actor, presenter, writer and producer Ryan Philpott, who was joined by industry favourites – The Wine Show’s Joe Fattorini and School of Wok founder Jeremy Pang.

Ahead of the awards presentations, sales & event manager Laurie Marrington noted the outstanding calibre of this year’s competition: “This year we received a record number of entries and they truly raised the bar – which is great for the industry, but not so great for our judges who had to pick the winners!”

The full list of this year’s winners and highly commended are available online at

While celebrating the successes of the industry, the Housewares Innovation Awards also took time to honour the vital work of The Rainy Day Trust. For 175 years, the charity has been providing financial assistance to individuals from the home improvement and enhancement sectors. A charity collection took place throughout the evening, the total of which will be revealed on the Housewares Innovation Awards website shortly.

The Housewares Innovation Awards were sponsored by Aspin, the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA), Brookes & Co, Creative Products, Creative Tops, David Mason Design, Dexam International, DKB Household, Dutch Creative Brands, The English Tableware Company, Gourmet Gadgetry, Harts of Stur, Home Hardware, Horwood, The International Housewares Association (IHA), Joseph Joseph, KitchenAid, KitchenCraft, Lakeland, Magimix, MJ Harradine Ltd, Potters Cookshop, PR Direct, School of Wok, Stax Trade Centres, SMART Worldwide Ltd, T&G, What More UK Ltd, Villeroy & Boch and The Rainy Day Trust.

What More UK Ltd. features on BBC Breakfast

Monday 8th of January 2018 saw a BBC crew arrive very early on site at our Altham factory to film for a news feature looking at how British manufacturing is on the up and in particular exported goods.

BBC Breakfast Business Presenter Steph McGovern was on site as our busy factory was in full production of numerous products destined for the domestic and international markets.

Director Tony Grimshaw OBE was interviewed several times throughout the morning broadcast to explain how the company has steadily grown its export market to now service 71 countries globally.

In addition leading experts in both export and manufacturing were interviewed on site.

Lesley Bachelor OBE, Director General of the Institute of Export and Stephen Phipson CBE, Chief Executive of EEF (manufacturers’ association) were the experts being interviewed.


To see a clip from the broadcast please visit:

New range of Flash household cleaning tools launches to complement existing surface care products.

January 2018 sees the launch of a brand new range of Flash household cleaning tools into the UK & Ireland.


Flash, a UK brand leader in surface care is excited to be expanding its offer with this new range of products, which perfectly complement its existing offer of cleaning liquids, sprays, wipes and Magic Erasers.


The new range builds upon the core ethos of Flash by developing tools that really help make cleaning more effective and simpler by putting dirt in its place!


Flash surface care products are tougher on dirt, all around the house. Used together the new household tools and surface care products will combine to maximise cleaning power and efficiency.


The launch range consists of five mops with a variety of compositions and a two-tone mop bucket with wringer. The five mops available also offer a variety of functions and vary from 30% to 100% microfibre content for that ultimate clean. The range of products will expand further in the second half of 2018.


What More UK, who are licensing the Flash brand from Procter & Gamble, have secured a large launch within major retail for January 2018.


The new range will be available throughout the UK & Ireland and customers are encouraged to get involved quickly as 2018 also sees the launch of new Flash Ultra Power cleaning products.


For further information about this exciting new range please contact What More UK by calling 01282 687047. The range will be exhibited at the Spring Fair, NEC Birmingham – 3rd to 8th February Halls 10-12 Stand 10 D05-E04.

Non-stick site visits by What More UK management

Directors and managers from the sales, buying, production and marketing teams recently visited the Whitford and CCC sites in Cheshire and Wolverhampton. The visits were both very productive and are part of an ongoing commitment to ensure that What More are aligned to offer our customers the best options available when it comes to pre-coated non-stick bakeware.

In a very competitive marketplace the team are always looking at all the available coatings and options available to ensure we have the range and depth of products our customers want & need.

Our manufacturing capabilities help to ensure we are in a unique position when it comes to available options and we are constantly striving to ensure we appeal not only to the UK market, but to the bakeware market around the globe.

We would encourage retailers to visit our manufacturing site to see first-hand the exciting constant development & investment at What More.

Timeless Enamel – Generational Appeal

Vitreous enamel kitchenware started around the middle of the 19th century, believed to have been first seen in Germany as an application on cookware.

Since then it has been a constant division of the kitchenware market with pots and pans and ovenware as well as being popular for outdoor cooking in camping. It continues to evolve, whilst retaining the traditional charm of its origins.

The team at What More introduced the Wham® Cook range of black enamel in 2015 and it has been popular due to the versatility and longevity of enamelware.

Wham® Cook Enamel used on a BBQ to cook prawns on a diffused heat.

In 2017 we launched a new range of oven to tableware enamel – Baker & Salt. As with the Wham® Cook enamel the Baker & Salt collection is made in the UK. It is manufactured in a heavier gauge and it is visually striking in a black and cream colourway.

The application of the enamel coating is a multi-stage process and all products are hand finished.

Enamel bakeware and cookware is extremely versatile.

The new Baker & Salt collection of vitreous enamel oven to tableware has been designed to be both practical and elegant whilst also being durable.

Featuring ergonomic front handles for easier removal from the oven, added safety and convenience.

These enamel items are suitable for a variety of hobs including gas and induction. They can also be used on a BBQ in addition to being metal tool safe.

Cupboard space is always at a premium, this has been considered in the design and the range nests for compact storage in the home.

The hand finished Baker & Salt enamel oven to tableware has a lifetime guarantee.

The longevity of enamelware means that it can be passed down through generations of a family as heirloom cookware. There is currently quite an upturn in the popularity of enamel in the kitchen as the traditional but timeless retro feel is popular with a broad spectrum of consumers and age groups.

Aesthetics have been very much considered in our Baker & Salt range and from the two-tone colour combination to the etched logo each product is finished off to a very high standard. This attention to detail makes this enamelware perfect not only for the primary function of cooking, but also for serving at the table.

Savoury and sweet dishes not only cook well in the Baker & Salt enamelware, they present well. When the last portion has been served up pop the dish in hot soapy water or the dishwasher for a sparkling clean finish.

Bakeware Lifestyle Shoot 2017

With a bakeware photoshoot there is always a great mix of sweet and savoury to prepare and then bake. Nothing goes to waste once it has been in the spotlight and there are always plenty of willing volunteers to help with that. That is handy as we certainly did a lot of baking for our last shoot!

From preparing a lovely delicious pizza with various fresh toppings, to making and decorating a selection of cakes the team worked hard over a couple of days to achieve what was needed from the shoot. A lot of preparation goes into these shoots too, so the planning stage is equally important to make sure time is maximised, ingredients are purchased and the required shots are known in advance.

The Wham® Cook Pizza Tray – makes a perfect 12” pizza.

Although some were, not all of the team on the shoot were experienced bakers. The Wham® Cook bakeware was very easy to use and especially easy to release due to the quality of the non-stick. For example baking a chocolate cake was a joy in our loose based cake tin. Decorating it was fun too. Eating it, well that part you can guess!

Lasagne was ever so simple to prepare in the Wham® Cook Large Multi-Use Tray.

The team prepared chicken a couple of ways. Wings were roasted in the oven on a square tray with chevrons, whilst a deep roaster was used for a roast chicken with accompanying vegetables.

There was always going to be a dash towards the muffins once they had finished their photographic duties.

Who can resist such chocolate temptation? Luckily with the 12 cup muffin pan there are plenty to go around!

The Wham® Cook 21cm Sandwich Tins produced a very light and airy Victoria sponge. Filled with buttercream, strawberry jam and decorated with fresh strawberries, then dusted liberally with icing sugar. It was great fun to bake this cake and even more to eat it afterwards – a cup of tea with that? Well, if you’ve got the kettle on go on then!

What More UK bakes up a treat for Macmillan Cancer Support!

On Friday 29th September our main showroom was transformed into a baking hotspot, filled with cakes, pies and smiling faces. Well who wouldn’t smile over a cuppa and a choice of baked delights?!

It was all for a great cause, The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, which is Macmillan’s largest annual fundraiser for supporting people facing cancer.

Members of our team baked everything from delicately crimped meat pies from receptionist Debs Feeney to a showstopper chocolate orange cake from Sales Director Andy Riley.

A wide selection of bakeware was used to prepare each bake, from Wham® Cook non-stick cake pans to our patented PushPan® in non-stick and aluminium. The new range of Wham® Cook cake storage also came in very handy for transporting the various bakes to the office.

Our office staff donated generously and a total of £212 was raised. 

What More reacts to urgent plastic storage appeal from the Hyndburn Helpers

When a local volunteer group put out an online appeal for storage boxes for their food bank via social media What More quickly acted to help.

Michelle Davies and David Booth visited the What More offices and in the showroom were shown a selection of the many plastic boxes produced at the company’s Altham factory.

After explaining the scope of the big community project the Hyndburn Helpers are working on it seemed like the Wham® Bam range of plastic box would be ideal. With a large amount of food to be sorted, stored and distributed the storage needed to be robust, secure and allow for a system of identification. The colour options of the boxes would help in sorting all the donated food, one of the biggest tasks ahead for Michelle, David and their team of volunteers.

Michelle Davies of the Hyndburn Helpers said: “After people from around the community have been so generous in donating to the food bank we want to make sure that we can store it all securely and get it to the people who need it most in the local area. Having good strong boxes, which keep the food safe and secure is vitally important to the project”.

“We are totally reliant on donations, as we receive no government funding. When the team at What More came and delivered the boxes we quickly filled them all. The team told us that if we needed some more they could help and we are receiving a second delivery this week”.

Adam Wilkinson, What More’s Marketing & Product Development Manager said:

“As a large local manufacturer we are very aware of our place in the community and we take a pride in it. For many of our workforce the Hyndburn area is where they live or grew up. To find out that people are so in need of food in your local area is a real eye opener.”

“When we heard of the great community work the Hyndburn Helpers were doing and found out they were desperate for plastic storage for their food bank we really wanted to help. In donating our strongest, secure boxes we know that Michelle, David and the team will not have to worry about storing and protecting all the food.”

Products in What More UK’s Wham® Bam range are available in various sizes, from 2.3 litres right up to 150 litres.

Housewares Innovation Awards

In a busy week of two major trade shows, we took time out to attend the Housewares Innovation Awards on the evening of Monday 6 February, and picked up two awards made it a very worthwhile break from the exhibition stand!

We were crowned highly commended in two categories: the Bakeware Innovation Award and the Service Award.

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Success at Spring Fair 2017

Across a number of displays occupying a 255 square metre area of the NEC, we showcased hundreds of products from our homeware and cookware ranges at Spring Fair.

We used the UK’s number one trade fair for home & gifts to launch our new brand Baker & Salt, a range of stylish yet durable enamelware baking dishes. Made from vitreous enamel and with a hand-sprayed finish, these unique products can be used in the oven, as well as on the hob, barbecue and outdoor fire without any buckling. Buyers expressed lots of interest in the products, which will be available to order from April.

New innovations throughout the Wham® range drew buyers to our stand, and cookery demos highlighted the quality and versatility of products in the PushPan® and Wham® Cook ranges.

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New sales representative for What More UK

David Brett, What More UK’s new Sales Representative for the South of England, brings with him over 20 years of retail and wholesale experience within a family business in Ireland. With previous roles in kitchenware and catering equipment, he also brings established contacts and is looking forward to developing more as he grows What More UK’s bakeware customer base.

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What More makes changes at the top following year of growth

As another year of intense growth draws to a close, What More UK announces a change in directorship. Operations Director Roger Tout will step into a non-executive director role, handing the reins to former Works Manager Garry Ireland.

Roger Tout has worked for What More UK since 2000, having joined the business the year after it was founded. In his 16 years as Operations Director, Roger has had overall responsibility for the warehousing and despatch of all What More UK orders, both to customers across the UK and internationally.

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Palace date for What More UK Director to collect OBE honour

Friday 11 November was a work day like no other for What More UK Director Tony Grimshaw, as he made his way to Buckingham Palace to collect his OBE award.

Tony was joined by wife Helen and two of his three daughters, Alison Townsend and Sarah Grimshaw, for the prestigious occasion as he received his OBE from HRH the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William.

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What More UK director hailed as UK manufacturing exemplar

What More UK has been listed among the top 100 British manufacturers.

Director Tony Grimshaw OBE is proud to receive the accolade on behalf of his colleagues in all areas of What More’s business, following last night’s announcement by The Manufacturer magazine.

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