What More Host A Visit From Primary School Environmentalists Hyndburn Park

What More, manufacturers of the popular household brand Wham, produce millions of plastic goods per year. They are a responsible manufacturer, and have a fully recycled range as well as producing goods which mean other, non-recyclable coverings don’t have to be used – such as reusable plastic lunch boxes.

Local primary school Hyndburn Park have been studying the environment, and the impact of single use plastics on the planet. Responsible plastic housewares manufacturer Tony Grimshaw OBE (Director of What More UK) invited them into the manufacturing premises of What More, just down the road from them in Altham, to see for themselves how recycling works in practise.

Single use plastics, including for example margarine tubs, are used by What More to create reusable products. The firm’s popular Upcycled range of housewares is made from 95% recycled post-consumer plastics. Every year, What More give a new lease of life to over 5,000 tonnes of recycled plastic, made up of both domestic and industrial waste.

The pupils were fascinated to see the size and scale of What More, and how they take environmental concerns very seriously and implement measures to reduce their impact on our planet. The visit went so well that a second class were brought for a visit, so those pupils could learn more about What More.

Tony Grimshaw commented:

It was fantastic to have the children in our factory and be able to show them in real life how we care for the environment through all our processes. We take our manufacturing and environmental responsibilities very seriously, and it’s great to be able to pass this on to primary age children, with the message that not all plastic is drastic!


Garry Ireland, Operations Director, added:

The children were really interested and engaged in what we were showing and telling them, and it’s great to be able to pass this on at a young age.


Sally Hulse, HR Manager, said:

We love having students in to learn more about our processes and how we work. They’re so interested in what goes on, hopefully we can inspire them to be future engineers!

We had over 60 thank you letters after the visits, all remembering our phrase Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, and thanking us for enriching their learning on their Keen to be Green topic!