Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

What More UK Limited Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement – Financial Year 2020/2021

What More UK Limited opposes slavery in all its forms and has zero tolerance to slavery and human trafficking. This statement is made pursuant to Section 54, Part 6 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the steps that What More UK Ltd has taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in its supply chain or in any part of its business. What More UK Limited is committed to ensure that human rights are respected and all suppliers must adhere to a strict ethical code of conduct. Our business What More UK Ltd was established in 1999 and is proud to be the UK’s largest manufacturer of superior quality plastic housewares, gardening pots, storage products and much more, including our Bakeware range and the PushPan® brand which includes a non-stick and enamel range. We run fully automated machines operating 24/7 and we have two sites based in Altham and Padiham. The superior quality of our products has been recognised all over the world and we currently export to 75 countries. The following steps are taken:

  • What More UK Ltd is audited by third party accredited audit organisations to ensure full compliance with all aspects of the ETI Base Code (Ethical Trading Initiative). The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is a leading alliance of companies, trade unions and NGOs that promotes respect for workers’ rights around the globe. The ETI Base Code is an internationally recognised code of practice which ensures that all workers are free from exploitation and discrimination, and all workers enjoy conditions of freedom, security and equity.
  • What More UK Ltd is a member of SEDEX (Social and Ethical Data Exchange) and an up-to-date Ethical Compliance audit report is accessible to all approved SEDEX partners.
  • All business partners and suppliers are required to adhere to a strict ethical code of practice and a comprehensive due diligence programme is followed. If our due diligence process reveals any issues, we are committed to taking appropriate action including but not limited to:
    – Working with appropriate organisations to improve standards
    – Removing that organisation from our preferred supplier list
    – Passing details to appropriate law enforcement bodies.
  • What More UK Ltd is part of The Stronger Together multi-stakeholder initiative aiming to reduce modern slavery, particularly hidden forced labour, labour trafficking and other third- party exploitation of workers. As part of this initiative What More UK Ltd takes proactive measures as a responsible UK Employer to protect workers and prevent exploitation. All staff, workers or other parties are strongly encouraged to report any concerns or suspicions they might have to the HR Team.
  • Local employment agencies – are audited to ensure they are licensed in accordance with the Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority {GLAA).
  • Training – We conduct training for our procurement/buying team so that they understand the signs of modern slavery and what to do if they suspect that it is taking place within our supply chain. The Company also provides appropriate training and awareness information to all staff including the leadership team who receive detailed training to help them spot the signs of exploitation in victims and how to resolve any concerns relating to modern slavery and human trafficking.

This statement was approved by the Board of Directors April 2021

Garry Ireland