What are some green energy suppliers and why should you choose them?

More and more people are seeking ways to live sustainably. This includes the consumption of energy around the home. There are many green energy suppliers out there, but what are the suppliers you should trust and why? Read on to find out more.

Octopus Energy

Like many other energy suppliers, Octopus Energy offers 100% green electricity provision. This is the standard for the UK’s 6 biggest providers, which are:

  • British Gas
  • Scottish Power
  • E.ON
  • EDF Energy
  • SSE
  • NPower

Whilst Octopus Energy doesn’t offer green gas provision, it does promise 100% carbon offset. Its renewable sources of energy include hydro, solar, wind and anaerobic digestion. They have an award-winning customer service team and a range of different tariffs to choose from to suit every type of household.


Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK sets itself apart from other green energy suppliers by being the only supplier in the UK to offer 100% green gas as well as electricity. As such, there’s no need for any carbon offsetting as no carbon is produced by the company. Their renewable sources of energy are wind, hydro and solar. Green Energy UK provides free quotes if you’re interested in switching to them as an energy supplier.


Outfox The Market

Outfox The Market is a provider of 100% green electricity, all of which is generated using the renewable source of wind. It doesn’t offer green gas but makes up for this by having a reputation of being the cheapest green energy supplier in the UK today. It offers a live customer chat option if you have any queries about switching suppliers, or you can contact their team another way if that suits you better.



NPower is arguably the best supplier of green energy from one of the ‘Big 6’ providers listed earlier. NPower offers 100% green electricity and, while it doesn’t offer green gas as a service, it does promise carbon offsetting. A unique appeal of NPower is that they will plant a tree when you switch, which encourages the sustainable growth of the planet for years to come. It uses the renewable energy sources of hydroelectricity and wind.

Another appeal of NPower is that it has been successfully audited by EcoAct, which determines that the supplier’s Go Green Energy Fix scheme meets green standards. You can find out more about EcoAct’s green standards here.

NPower is also triple certified by the Carbon Trust Standard due to its commitment to reducing levels of waste, water and carbon consumption within company offices.


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