Declutter your kids and create more play room

Anyone who has a child in their house will appreciate the pain of standing on Lego, and will at one time have felt overwhelmed standing in a room full of chaos.

Life can be made a lot easier by having adequate storage – because kids do accumulate a lot of belongings. Every Christmas, birthday and trip to the shops just seems to add more and more, until it becomes time to sort, stack and put away.

The first task – sort and declutter. Here are a few simple steps to help you along the way!

  1. Involve the child. You will not want to get rid of something that they absolutely loved, but had just fallen down the side of the bed. It can be tricky, as they will want to keep almost everything, but hold the discussion in terms they will understand – ‘Is there anything you can give to a new home and let someone else play with’, rather than ‘What can I get rid of’, is a sympathetic way to tackle this.
  2. Check the age of items. Children grow out of toys fairly quickly, so it’s an easy step to remove any toys and books that are no longer age appropriate. If you haven’t had a clear out for a while, you may be pleasantly surprised at how large this pile becomes!
  3. Check for any broken toys or jigsaws with pieces missing, and colouring books that are all filled in. This should help you streamline the room, and add to the pile to go.
  4. Sort into categories. If you can sort things out properly, when the child wants to read, they can go to the book section – and then can be encouraged to put it back when they’re finished. The absolute worst scenario in a child’s room is a mess of all different items all over the floor – it’s frustrating and leaves them no room to actually play.
  5. Finally, invest in storage. Boxes, organisers, shelving – the more ways to store, the cleaner, tidier and fuss free the room will be. The newly sorted piles can be neatly stacked away in their designated space, and easily put back when they’re finished too.

Wham, the household goods manufacturer, can help you with this. They’ve designed the Studio Cube, which is a very neat 30cm x 30cm storage basket with handles. Wipe clean and nestable, the best part of it is that it perfectly fits the popular modular shelving units available in retailers – and those units come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and configurations to fit any room perfectly.

The Studio Cube comes in a variety of colours to match or contrast your colour scheme, including Ice White, Blush Pink, Silver Sage and Cool Grey. Enjoy decluttering and having more play room!

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