What More UK visit school children for an inspirational and educational talk on plastics

What More UK made a visit to Peel Park primary school on Monday 2nd of July to answer questions about our plastic products and explain the role the children have in the future of the planet.

Peel Park Primary School pupils have been learning about plastic waste in the environment, how it affects habitats and their own responsibilities to look after the earth, Claire Hilton, year 4 teacher, invited What More into the classroom for a morning of fun and facts about plastic.

Adam Wilkinson, Marketing and Product Development Manager at What More UK said:

“When we first walked into the classroom we asked the pupils if plastic was good or bad- not surprisingly the vast majority said it was bad! What they didn’t realise is the difference between single use plastic and something like a plastic container. To support their learning, we explained how as a company we want to make products that last, meaning less plastic in the oceans and less pollution. This is why we created the UPCYCLED range.”

The children were shown three different types of plastic boxes that were all made from plastic that already exists! The first was a Wham® UPCYCLED box which is made from items like plastic bottles, yoghurt pots and pot noodles. The second: a Wham® Recycled box made from factory waste like plastic offcuts. The third – the one they found the most exciting – made from waste product when producing banknotes, the Wham® Banknote Box!

“We explained to the children that we are doing our job as a manufacturer, making products from items that would ordinarily end up in landfill. The bank are doing their part by recycling their waste … but the UPCYCLED box being created depends on what they do with their waste, as a school, as a family and as an individual.”

Tom Wright, photographer and videographer at What More UK explained further:

“We really wanted to show the children how helping the planet is a huge group effort. We showed them some fun things they can do with empty old bottles, such as creating bubble makers and tornado tubes, but the reality is, what matters is how we get rid of these! Just putting them into a bin means they may end up in landfill, possibly the ocean. Recycling them gives the items a chance to come to someone like us and be made into something useful which will last years! Our Wham® UPCYCLED range is over 90% the strength of a plastic box which is made using ‘fresh’ ingredients. This aspect was so important to us, the products need to last so we can combat the single use/short term use plastic issue.”

Claire Hilton, year 4 teacher at Peel Park Primary School said:

“We are so grateful for Wham coming into the school, it really supported our learning and got the children talking. As a school we can definitely do more to recycle and this is our mission for after the summer. We have our new Wham UPCYCLED boxes in the school hall and the plan is to use these for litter picking, and for storing our recycling. It was really interesting watching the videos showing the process of making plastic boxes and I’ll be personally purchasing boxes made from recycled material in the future. The visit has supported our learning, inspired them and assisted in them growing to become responsible young people who are more aware of their own plastic waste.”