What More reacts to urgent plastic storage appeal from the Hyndburn Helpers

When a local volunteer group put out an online appeal for storage boxes for their food bank via social media What More quickly acted to help.

Michelle Davies and David Booth visited the What More offices and in the showroom were shown a selection of the many plastic boxes produced at the company’s Altham factory.

After explaining the scope of the big community project the Hyndburn Helpers are working on it seemed like the Wham® Bam range of plastic box would be ideal. With a large amount of food to be sorted, stored and distributed the storage needed to be robust, secure and allow for a system of identification. The colour options of the boxes would help in sorting all the donated food, one of the biggest tasks ahead for Michelle, David and their team of volunteers.

Michelle Davies of the Hyndburn Helpers said: “After people from around the community have been so generous in donating to the food bank we want to make sure that we can store it all securely and get it to the people who need it most in the local area. Having good strong boxes, which keep the food safe and secure is vitally important to the project”.

“We are totally reliant on donations, as we receive no government funding. When the team at What More came and delivered the boxes we quickly filled them all. The team told us that if we needed some more they could help and we are receiving a second delivery this week”.

Adam Wilkinson, What More’s Marketing & Product Development Manager said:

“As a large local manufacturer we are very aware of our place in the community and we take a pride in it. For many of our workforce the Hyndburn area is where they live or grew up. To find out that people are so in need of food in your local area is a real eye opener.”

“When we heard of the great community work the Hyndburn Helpers were doing and found out they were desperate for plastic storage for their food bank we really wanted to help. In donating our strongest, secure boxes we know that Michelle, David and the team will not have to worry about storing and protecting all the food.”

Products in What More UK’s Wham® Bam range are available in various sizes, from 2.3 litres right up to 150 litres.