Newly Launched: Meister Proper Range of Cleaning Products in Germany and France

We’re pleased to announce that we have secured new contracts in Europe. By investing in new buildings, new infrastructure and new machines we can continue delivering high quality, affordable products whilst keeping up with the ever-growing demand.

Andy Riley, Director at What More UK, commented:

“The last 18 months at What More UK have been a whirlwind – we launched our new Proctor and Gamble Flash Range of cleaning products in the UK January 2018 and the sales for these sky-rocketed, without ever coming down. It’s fantastic and we are incredibly thankful for the support from all our customers.

The new machines have been well-received by the team. The state-of-the-art equipment is perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of our customers and the growth we are expecting over the next few years.”

Last October saw the launch of the Flash range in Austria and Germany. Proctor and Gamble call their Flash products ‘Meister Proper’ in these two countries. We will be launching the same products in France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, under ‘Mr Propre’. We are not deterred by Brexit and will continue to target growth.

Mr Riley added:

“We will be continuously expanding throughout the EU and the rest of the world. An incredible amount of time and skill goes into the creation of our products. We do not want the increasing demand of What More UK products to result in lower quality, so the investment of machinery and infrastructure has enabled us to continue producing the required volumes and expected growth without sacrificing any of our high levels of service with extra demands.”

Browse the Meister Proper range here