New machinery allows us to produce more goods with less waste

A £750,000 investment in two new state of the art fully automatic bakeware machines will not only speed up production of our products but will do so in a more environmentally friendly manner.

The new machines, which in the simplest possible terms are mechanical presses, will double their current capacity enabling us to produce 8,000 baking trays in a ten hour shift, over 13 a minute! The new machines will help us keep up with the ever increasing demand for our award winning products. Last year we finished on double digit growth and we aim to improve on that high achievement in 2020.

Tony Grimshaw OBE is one of our directors, he commented:

“As a leading manufacturer of housewares, cookware, and bakeware, it’s important for us to lead the way in creating these products in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We want to do our bit, and also to encourage other companies to follow suit. We are very pleased that British made products are fast becoming the starting point for UK retailers. What More UK are more than ready to accept their orders along with those from our many overseas customers.”

Garry Ireland, our Operations Director said:

“We have the Rolls Royce of equipment here; it’s important we can deliver the best possible products in the shortest amount of time. The new additions are fantastic. They have a much lower carbon footprint and a quicker running time than the previous machines. That means more productivity, more efficiency, and less waste.”