Bakeware Lifestyle Shoot 2017

With a bakeware photoshoot there is always a great mix of sweet and savoury to prepare and then bake. Nothing goes to waste once it has been in the spotlight and there are always plenty of willing volunteers to help with that. That is handy as we certainly did a lot of baking for our last shoot!

From preparing a lovely delicious pizza with various fresh toppings, to making and decorating a selection of cakes the team worked hard over a couple of days to achieve what was needed from the shoot. A lot of preparation goes into these shoots too, so the planning stage is equally important to make sure time is maximised, ingredients are purchased and the required shots are known in advance.

The Wham® Cook Pizza Tray – makes a perfect 12” pizza.

Although some were, not all of the team on the shoot were experienced bakers. The Wham® Cook bakeware was very easy to use and especially easy to release due to the quality of the non-stick. For example baking a chocolate cake was a joy in our loose based cake tin. Decorating it was fun too. Eating it, well that part you can guess!

Lasagne was ever so simple to prepare in the Wham® Cook Large Multi-Use Tray.

The team prepared chicken a couple of ways. Wings were roasted in the oven on a square tray with chevrons, whilst a deep roaster was used for a roast chicken with accompanying vegetables.

There was always going to be a dash towards the muffins once they had finished their photographic duties.

Who can resist such chocolate temptation? Luckily with the 12 cup muffin pan there are plenty to go around!

The Wham® Cook 21cm Sandwich Tins produced a very light and airy Victoria sponge. Filled with buttercream, strawberry jam and decorated with fresh strawberries, then dusted liberally with icing sugar. It was great fun to bake this cake and even more to eat it afterwards – a cup of tea with that? Well, if you’ve got the kettle on go on then!